It is by the patio that you will be welcomed at La Jinolié, whether you reside in our charming guest rooms or in the gite La Métairie.

This is the central point that leads to :

  • The gym, the shower and the infrared sauna.

Infrared heat causes much more sweating than a traditional sauna. Thanks to this strong perspiration, the skin breathes better and its blood circulation is improved. The tense muscles, freed of their toxins, soften. The ambient temperature, around 40 ° C, is less demanding on the heart and is more bearable for people who are sensitive to very hot weather. Children are not admitted without a responsible parent.

  • The heated Pool

A pool of 12.50 mx 6.50 m bordered by large stone beaches invites you to relax after a long day of excursion.

A nap on the deckchairs, in the sweet smell of lavender.

The basin is in two levels, 1 m on the ladder and 2.40 m in the deepest part with a ramp between the two.

Access to the pool is secured by an automatic closing gate.
The pool is heated from 15 mai.

  • The Garden

This park with its large trees echoes the architecture of the place to tell you about two centuries of history, when La Jinolié was a model farm.

Today shrubs and flowers play their colors and their perfumes according to the seasons.

At the bend of the path, you will find the petanque ground behind bamboos and gauras. Under the pine, hopscotch awaits the children.

The new flower kiosk welcomes you to read quietly or to share a barbecue.

Maybe a game of table tennis under the chestnut tree will tempt you?